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Inline Skating-Rollerblading ECA started to roll this week

Inline Skating-Rollerblading ECA (Extracurricular activity) started to roll this week in new initiative brought to Bloomsbury by Mr. Covey and BKK Skating School. Students attending the ECA will follow the same programme as other leading international schools in Thailand. BKK Skating School has an upcoming ‘Inline Skating Camp’ on the 8th December at Thammsat X-treme Plaza in Bangkok. They offer a quality progressive programme which aims at the development of skating skills and skating style.

ECA Learning Objectives:

  • Promote Inline Skating as an additional physical activity option for all students.
  • Enrich student learning with a fun activity, to develop their skills in many areas.

Some benefits include:

  • Encourages Fast Decision Making
  • Develops Autonomy and Leadership Skills
  • Improves Reflexes
  • Increases Endurance and Body Strength
  • Improves Coordination, Balance and Flexibility
  • An Excellent Cardio Workout
  • Clears the mind and it’s great fun!

Another great week of learning, however my highlight has to be the start of our inline skating extra curriculum activity (ECA). So many faces decorated with the unusual juxtaposition of smiles and perseverance.

I'm looking forward to see how you progress skaters.
-Mr Mullin

For those interested in more professional training, they are offering a Full-Day Rollerblade-Inline Skate Camp hosted by Australia's 3-time World Champion, CJ Wellsmore and A.J. Stine, the MC of rollerblading at FISE World Series.

Download the brochure for more information:


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