New Head of Primary, Mr. Mark Ellis

Mr. Mark Ellis is going to be the new Head of Primary at Bloomsbury for August 2020. He has over 25 years of experience in teaching and leadership.

Welcome Back Old and New Primary Students!

On Wednesday 17th June, Bloomsbury welcomed Year 5 - 6 back to school, Year 3 - 4 on Thursday, and today we greeted Year 1 - 2 with a smile. Our class teachers and support staff have been busy since Friday the 12th preparing our Primary section in accordance with the 26 measures. We look forward to seeing all students including the new ones once again on Monday 22nd June.

First Two Weeks of Online Teaching in Primary!

With the help of educational technology, our Primary class teachers have been working hard for the past two weeks to deliver lessons online. Here are a few photos of their online teaching.

Ms. Lizz has created a video series for Online Learning

Ms. Lizz has created a video series teaching Phonics to Reception class. This is the first of six videos to review the sounds and actions of Phase 2 Phonics. Enjoy watching!

Year 4 and year 8 took part in an investigation

Today in Science both year 4 and year 8 took part in an investigation. A key skill in Science is to carry out investigations safely by following the laboratory rules. Today's task for the year 8 class was to work with and teach a year 4 student how to carry out an experiment looking at volcanic eruptions.

Year 3 Pupils Have Begun Their Plant Investigation

Year 3 pupils have begun their plant investigation. Here they are setting up a fair test to see which requirement is the most important; light, water, air, soil, warmth or space.

Year 4 Students meet the Thai National Football Team

Our Year 4 students were lucky enough to meet some players from the Thai National Football team after our swimming lessons on Tuesday!

The Primary Stars of the Week

Primary students had their second Friday assembly on 30th August 2019. During this time students can receive any awards they have won and also share their stories and ideas with their friends.


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