inCAS Parents Presentation

The Primary students have recently done InCAS online assessments in Mathematics, English and Developed Ability, the potential to learn, as well as their attitude towards, Mathematics, English and School.

With the help of Miss Maprang’s translation, Mr. Ellis was able to explain to the parents what the collected data shows and how it will be used. By targeting teaching to the specific needs of the individual children and groups, we continue to improve the learning for the children along with the use of technology to support collaborative learning also.

Spelling, Phonics and Maths Primary House Challenge

On Wednesday 7th October, the Primary section took part in a Maths marathon and spelling sprint! The children represented their houses, and were quizzed on Maths equations and spelling of words that they have been studying this year! Everyone did a great job, and we all remembered that it was the taking part that counts, not winning! Well done everyone for studying so hard and joining in!


On 1st – 2nd September 2020 the Head of Primary, Mr. Ellis, was delighted to have the opportunity to share with the parents the exciting developments for the Primary School this year. The main area of development this term is our collaboration with Singapore International School of Bangkok (SISB) and the focus on the Singaporean Maths curriculum. This is an excellent means of developing our pupil's thinking skills. Parents were given an insight into how our brains learn and create pathways and the importance of regular daily short practice in strengthening and expanding these pathways. A website was demonstrated and shared with parents for the children to practice at home and record their daily scores in their homework diaries. The parents were then given the opportunity to see how happiness and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) are crucial foundations that allow learning to flourish. This was followed by a presentation by Rajyindee Hospital’s staff over clinic provision at school, safety measures against COVID-19, and other matters of mutual interest.

With the teachers, pupils, and parents working closely together, taking individual and collective responsibility, then we will all be winners with a "can do" attitude opening up the world of opportunity, achievement, and happiness to our pupils.


Today, Bloomsbury Primary teachers and teaching assistants (TAs) continued their Singapore Mathematics and Science Personal Development (PD) with Mr. Hero Lee and Mr. Matthew Liu.

They explored an online platform as a way to support and enhance the Home-school learning connection, which is also extremely useful in the event of distance learning being reimplemented.

SISB also kindly provided Primary teachers and TAs with Singaporean MOE approved resources and books for Primary Mathematics and Science to infuse active learning techniques and methods staff have learned over the course of the weekend PD training.

Teachers and TAs continued to discover the Singapore Science curriculum by discussing typical questions students will tackle and how we can lead them to make learning connections more independently.

Thanks to Mr. Hero and Mr. Matthew for giving us your time this weekend and delivering informative and thorough training.


Today, Bloomsbury Primary teachers and teaching assistants (TAs) have been lucky enough to personal development training from Singapore International School of Bangkok (SISB) ambassadors, Mr. Hero Lee and Mr. Matthew Liu.

Our teachers learned a number of techniques when tackling mathematical operations. They practice these new techniques and are excited to pass these on to our students and incorporate new and efficient problem-solving techniques into the classroom.

The teachers and TAs also explored SISB's Science curriculum and learned how to help our students to become more independent and active in their learning journey.

Summer Camp 2020 - Graduation Day

Today, the children had a great final day of summer camp. We finished up our paper mache pigs by painting them pink, in arts and crafts. For English, we acted out our story ‘The three little pigs’ by building houses from beds in boarding. We also graduated from the summer course by collecting our certificates and performing the stories to our parents and families. What a busy and fun two weeks!

Summer Camp 2020 - Day 1

The first day of Summer Camp went well. The children reviewed social distancing measures and hygiene to ensure everyone stays safe while enjoying learning.

We had arts and crafts where the children enjoyed making learning connections by showing their understanding of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and creating imagery reflective of the story and applying numeracy knowledge to aspects of the story.

In PE, we had some basic dribbling skills in basketball. The students were enthusiastic and had a dribbling competition towards the end of class. Some of the better-skilled pupils were able to dribble 20-30 times without stopping.

New Head of Primary, Mr. Mark Ellis

Mr. Mark Ellis is going to be the new Head of Primary at Bloomsbury for August 2020. He has over 25 years of experience in teaching and leadership.