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Bloomsbury Young Entrepreneurs Programme

Year 9, 10 and 11 have been participating in the Bloomsbury Young Entrepreneurs programme since October. Working in teams, students have been tasked with setting up a business and coming up with ideas for products and services. Each team member has a specific role, from CEO to Finance Director and so far they have been working on product ideas, market research and development.

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Year 11 visited Hatyai University

On Wednesday 30th January Year 11 visited Hatyai University. The year 11’s were immediately immersed into university life, attending a seminar on Higher English Grammar. Our students really impressed the lecturer by offering answers and working alongside the university students.

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Bloomsbury Students Receive Professional H.E. & Career Counselling

On 28th January 2019 Bloomsbury’s Principal and other managers were pleased to welcome Ms Michelle Tinloi from Hands On Education Consultants to the school.

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Art Mural ECA (Extra-curricular Activity)

With every careful brush stroke a group of secondary students is hard at work providing their own artistic flair to halls and corridors of the Primary building. This year’s effort is to paint a unique mural outside of the Primary Library.

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Hatyai Tourism Investigation Field Trip

This past Thursday 17th January 2018, our Year 11 students had a busy day collecting primary evidence for their Travel and Tourism coursework.

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Year 11 students are learning about acids, bases and salts

Year 11 students have been learning about acids, bases and salts. They did a titration to figure out how much hydrochloric acid was needed to completely react with a known quantity of sodium carbonate.

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Bloomsbury students produce impressive portfolios

Bloomsbury's Principal commended Upper Secondary students who had, in the considered opinion of their respective class teachers, produced the most impressive portfolios showcasing their experience, skills, talents, awards, interests and contributions to school life.

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Year 11 students experiment on the reproductive structure found in flowers

Year 11 students conducted an experiment to observe and measure the reproductive structure found in flowers. These included the male and female reproductive organs.


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