Boarding and Secondary Trip to 'Roywan Farm Stay' in Phatthalung

On Wednesday 23rd October 2019, boarding and a number of secondary students went on a trip to Pa Phayom's Roywan Farm Stay in Phattalung. It was a great opportunity for the students to observe various scenes in nature - forest, mountains, river, water falls, farm and more.

Year 10s are learning IGCSE Sociology

Year 10s are learning IGCSE Sociology; making a notice board and studying the early theories of 19th century Sociologists.

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Year 7 Soil Drainage Experiment

By pouring a known volume of water over known masses of different soil samples, Year 7 investigated water drainage. Over 15 minutes, they recorded the volume of water that was able to pass through the soil, into the measuring cylinder below. Our next lesson will involve investigating the volume of air in the same soil samples.

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A presentation from the Young Entrepreneurs programme

Students from the Young Entrepreneurs programme presented their latest developments to the rest of secondary in this week’s assembly. The teams are ‘Eats and Treats’ and ‘Novagem’ in Year 9 followed by ‘Cook Cookie’ and ‘Bubble Blooms’ in Year 10. The teams have been developing their products since October with just one hour per week during ECA time. Eats and Treats have sourced a supplier, conducted market research and made sales whilst Novagem have spent considerable time developing an exciting new board game. Cook Cookie have focussed on their branding whilst Bubble Blooms have been developing their new drinks to get the flavours just right.

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With the crowd in good spirits, Mr Andrew Elliot, the school Principal reminded the secondary students of how events such as the school's Sports Day are driven by Bloomsbury's guiding statements. Physical fitness (which is promoted via sports and PE occasions) is regarded as an essential life skill, and the teamwork and shared purpose potential of participating in Sports Day via Bloomsbury's house system represents an important way in which the school value statement that encourages a sense of pride in belonging to the school community, of loyalty, of unity and of shared purpose can be realised.

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Year 7 experiment on gravitational potential energy

Year 7 conducted an experiment to investigate how changing the height of a ball (gravitational potential energy) affected the crater diameter caused by the collision of the ball onto the surface of the moist sand.

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Bloomsbury Young Entrepreneurs Programme

Year 9, 10 and 11 have been participating in the Bloomsbury Young Entrepreneurs programme since October. Working in teams, students have been tasked with setting up a business and coming up with ideas for products and services. Each team member has a specific role, from CEO to Finance Director and so far they have been working on product ideas, market research and development.

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Year 11 visited Hatyai University

On Wednesday 30th January Year 11 visited Hatyai University. The year 11’s were immediately immersed into university life, attending a seminar on Higher English Grammar. Our students really impressed the lecturer by offering answers and working alongside the university students.


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