On 28th November 2018 Bloomsbury’s Principal, Mr Andrew Elliott, chaired a meeting of stakeholder representatives to review the school’s guiding statements and values. This is an exercise the school conducts at regular intervals in order to ensure that the statements and values remain relevant and significant to all members of the Bloomsbury community.

Representatives of the school’s owners, management, parents, student body, administration, teaching team and ancillary support staff were invited; the discussions that took place among these groups at this meeting were wide-ranging, dynamic and fruitful. All contributions were very much appreciated, and the onus is now on the school’s management to incorporate the latter into the statements and values accordingly. New draft versions of the latter have accordingly been circulated; once these drafts are finalised, they will replace the current versions in the school’s literature, signage and online information.

The school is most grateful to all those who made time to attend this important meeting and to contribute their suggestions: this encouragingly high standard of interest and participation among so many valued stakeholders helps to enhance Bloomsbury’s community ethos and to ensure that the wording of its guiding statements and values reflects as wide an input from the various constituencies that make up the school’s membership as possible.

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