Year 4’s Assembly 1st October 2018

Last week, student of the month for September 2018 was voted by the teachers. In today’s assembly, Ai Ai Year 1 in Primary and Ihsan Year 8 in Secondary were awarded with their prizes and certificates. Special prizes were also given to Y5-Puh, Y8-Mika, Y9-Nada, Y10-Dnee and Y11-Aaron for their remarkable NGRT scores.

Also, in Term 1A geography, Year 4 students have enjoyed learning about some of the ways geographers describe locations. So, when they were asked to host this morning’s assembly, they all agreed that it should be on this topic. During the assembly, the students explained terms such as Equator, Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. They also demonstrated, with help from the audience, how to locate a country through the use of longitude and latitude to produce a coordinate. The school had as much fun listening to us as we did presenting it.


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