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I’m Yours, putting theory into practice

Year 7 students are learning about the different categories of instruments and how these instruments are classified into certain groups. In the last lesson, they focused on the chordophone category of instruments. These are instruments that make sound by way of a vibrating string, and all of them share similar qualities.

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Year 7 students experiment on solubility of solids in liquids

Year 7 students conducted an experiment to determine how the solubility of solids in liquids changes with temperature.

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Years 10-12 Educational Visit to Bangkok

On Friday, 2nd November 2018, Bloomsbury students began their trip to Bangkok with an early morning meet at Hatyai Airport. Once we'd all woken up everyone was very excited about the activities planned for the 2-day trip.

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Halloween 2018 Celebration at Bloomsbury

It wouldn't be October without celebrating Mr. Strubelt's favourite day of the year, HALLOWEEN! Students and staff alike joined forces to create gory games, chilling challenges and dark decorations, culminating in an afternoon of brilliant fun.

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Year 8 students investigate on the speed of an object

Year 8 students are currently learning about speed. They conducted an experiment to investigate the effect of changing the steepness of a ramp on the speed of a toy car.

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Year 11 students experimented on the effects of reflection and refraction using light rays

The year 11 students set up experiments to observe the effects of reflection and refraction by using light rays.

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Information assembly for students in KS4 regarding their options after IGCSE examinations

On Monday 29th October, students in KS4 attended an information assembly regarding their options after they complete IGCSE examinations.

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Year 8 students measured the volume and mass of different liquids

Year 8 students measured the volume and mass of different liquids in order to determine which liquid was the most dense.


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