Welcome to Bloomsbury, Asst.Prof.Dr. Kantarin Rugsakorn!

Bloomsbury International School Hatyai would hereby like to express its warm welcome to Dr Kantarin Rugsakorn as its new Director and School Manager. Dr Rugsakorn, who has 36 years experience in the educational sector, has a Doctor of Education degree (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from the University of South Australia, Australia.

Bloomsbury Newsletter Issue 1 2019

Bloomsbury Newsletter, Issue 1 September 2019

English Award, Monday 30th September 2019

At the end of every month, Bloomsbury International School Hatyai will be awarding English Speaking Certificates. The student with the most 'House' points received for speaking English will be given this award.

Parents' Committee Meeting, 25th September 2019

The Principal, Mr Andrew Elliott, greeted the school's new parents' committee with other members of the school's managerial and administrative staff.

International Literacy Week 2019

International Literacy Week 2019 - A celebration of World Literacy and the importance of reading for all cultures. Primary and Secondary students have worked during their literacy lessons on the art of creating a story based on images or characteristics of different genres.

Year 10s are learning IGCSE Sociology

Year 10s are learning IGCSE Sociology; making a notice board and studying the early theories of 19th century Sociologists.

The Primary Stars of the Week

Primary students had their second Friday assembly on 30th August 2019. During this time students can receive any awards they have won and also share their stories and ideas with their friends.


Bloomsbury would like to extend a warm welcome to its students, staff, parents and other stakeholders at the inception of our new academic year 2019-20. We have all sorts of exciting developments (academic, professional, recreational, sporting, cultural, social etc) planned - including a comprehensive school events programme - details of which will be announced at our forthcoming Parents' Information Day on 28 August. We look forward to seeing parents there, and we'll be in touch at further length over the details, timings, venues, logistics etc of each planned event individually. The school's management looks forward to working with everyone to make the new academic year vibrant, successful, authentic and enjoyable for all valued members of our school community!