SCHOOL ASSEMBLY 19 August 2019

Newly arrived teachers were introduced to students at a dynamic school assembly which marked the first of a series of similar school events scheduled for the new academic year. Assemblies offer invaluable opportunities for the whole school to meet together as a community, to award certificates and prizes, to showcase presentations and performances and to encourage a sense of belonging as a valued individual to a wider organisation: every member of the Bloomsbury community counts, every student, teacher and stakeholder is regarded as significant, and our weekly school assemblies enable key school relationships to be imbued with appreciation, respect, congratulations and applause whenever a particular achievement or success is celebrated.

INSET DAY 14 August 2019

The Principal, Mr Elliott, welcomed new and returning members of Bloomsbury's team of qualified, experienced, skilled and expert teachers and explained the school's mission, its ethos, its procedures and the emphasis it places on treating all our intercultural community's members (colleagues, students, parents etc) with consideration and respect. He was joined by our Board Chair, Khun Pimjun, who kindly greeted old and recently arrived staff and wished them well both personally and professionally in pursuing their teaching careers at Bloomsbury.

New Football Field, Basketball Court and Playground Construction

For the past few weeks, Bloomsbury has been remodeling its open grounds to include a basketball court, a football field and a playground. These facilities will be put to good use when the school re-opens for the new academic year on 19th August 2019.

A big thank you to our hard-working maintenance staff and everyone involved!

Congratulations to Master Phumrapee Kaewpiboon (Nong Topgun)

Bloomsbury International School Hatyai would hereby like to express its warm congratulations to Master Phumrapee Kaewpiboon (currently in Year 7), who has become the reigning, defending and undisputed IMG Callaway World Junior Champion for boys in 11-12 age group.

BloomsFest 2019

On Thursday 27th of June 2019 we celebrated the end of our academic year with an end of year show. The show consisted of student performances and the giving of prizes. It was a great way to end the current school year and celebrate all our achievements, talents, and skills learnt over the past academic year.

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Guiding Statements Review Meeting (June 2019)

On Thursday 20th June 2019, Bloomsbury International School Hatyai conducted its most recent Guiding Statements Review meeting, presided by Mr Andrew Elliott, the Head of School. The aim of the meeting, which provided the school with a range of opinions and viewpoints, was to condense our Guiding Statements into a phrase, slogan or a collection of key words that encapsulates what it means to be both a member of, and what we aspire to be, as part of our school and global community.

Congratulations to Master Supha Ruangwarunwatthana (Nong Captain)

Bloomsbury International School Hatyai would hereby like to express its warm congratulations to Master Supha Ruangwarunwatthana (currently in Year 7), who successfully passed the interview and the entrance examinations at the Old Buckenham Hall School in the UK.

The Old Buckenham Hall School ( is named as one of the top 5 UK Prep Schools by Tatler 2017.

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English Fluency Award (EFA) Ceremony

On Tuesday, 21st May 2019, Bloomsbury International School Hatyai continued its tradition of rewarding students who have demonstrated improvement or continued proficiency in their English language usage. The awardees are selected by their form tutor and can prove to be a difficult and challenging decision to make with so many worthy recipients. May’s awards were awarded to the following students, who we wish to congratulate once again.