An afternoon at the pool

It was just another hot Tuesday afternoon, in the month of April. At half past two, students started to form a queue outside of their classrooms. “What’s going on?” asked a student. Brian shouted out, “We are going swimming!”

Ten lucky students were indeed going swimming. These were the ones that remembered to bring their permission slips to school with their parents’ signature. They were also the ‘Trial’ students for a potential new ECA at Bloomsbury International School Hatyai. As the students entered the van, excitement started to build. 15 minutes later, we arrived at a large facility with two huge pools. The students quickly changed and ran towards the pool.

“Stop!” said the Thai swimming coach. A big man wearing a yellow shirt was standing between eternal fun and the gate. The coach sat the students down and went over rules and regulations. He spent the next forty minutes in the water with the students. Although they did not have ‘free time’ they learnt about water safety and how this programme will run. They not only realised how much fun it was to swim but also how rules are to be followed. At quarter to four, Mr. Andrew blew his whistle and everybody had to leave. The students went to the changing rooms and returned to the van. The fun was over as the van arrived at school. (Wordings by Mr Andrew Strubelt)


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