Province: Songkhla
City/Town: Hatyai
How far from the city/town is the school? : 8km
About the area in specific details:
Hat Yai is located in the sun drenched South of Thailand, which delivers easy access to the many tropical Islands and sandy beaches. Hat Yai has a lot to offer in terms of activities for everyone, if you like visiting ancient temples then you will find many beautiful temples located in and around Hat Yai and you will also see that a lot of the Buddhist temples have some Chinese influence. If you like shopping, then Hat Yai is the right place for you from markets that sell everything from food to clothes at ridiculous prices and the night markets as well that happen 3-4 times a week which are very popular with the local people. If you are looking for big western shopping malls, then you won’t be disappointed either. Hat Yai has Tesco, Big C and Central Festival. In terms of food, Hat Yai has everything to offer from local Thai cuisine to Western food which is also found easily in Hat Yai malls and foreign restaurants that cater to the large foreign population that lives in Hat Yai. You won’t be disappointed with the food and the prices; Hatyai is relatively cheap. This and other things make Hat Yai a good place to live in Thailand, good food and great places to visit.

Hat Yai has a great nightlife. If you like live music you will find that many places play live music and English songs as well. In terms of your safety, Hat Yai is safe. The locals are very friendly and helpful and they always stop to help someone in need. Hat Yai doesn’t have any problems that you don’t find in any typical city in the world meaning there are traffic jams and lots of noise on the streets.Hat Yai is a peaceful city located in Southern Thailand and is a gateway to Malaysia. Hat Yai gets a lot of tourists from Malaysia and Singapore. The location of Hat Yai makes it very convenient if you wish to travel to the touristic islands located in the South namely Koh Samui, Koh Lipe, Koh Phangangan etc. It is very easy to get to one of these places from Hat Yai using a van or simply a bus.
Teaching hours per week: 16 to 20
Class size: 10
Work hours: 8am to 4pm
Rental cost: 9,500 THB for condo with gym and swimming pool. Cost is covered by school housing allowance of 10,000 THB/month
How to commute to the school?: Sang thaews are 15 baht per trip or school shuttle bus or rent motor bike. Most teachers drive motorbikes to work.
Any shopping mall? Yes. Big C Extra, Tesco and Central Festival.
Things to do? Beach, island hopping, waterfalls, karting, cinemas, bowling, floating market, night market, night clubs, parks, bars and restaurants.
Any westerners living there? Yes lots.
Compare the cost of living here:


2119 Moo 6, Airport-Lopburirames Road, Kuanlung, Hatyai, Songkhla 90110 Thailand
Tel. +66(0) 74 251 255 to 6
Fax. +66(0) 74 251 254




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