A Sense of Place by Year 9

Today year 9 took the art classroom outside. The students are doing some direct observational drawings for their new project “A Sense of Place”. The students used viewfinders to select an area of interest to draw, then set their timers to do quick studies in only 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 1 minute. This exercise helped the students to focus on shape and form before moving on to doing their more detailed drawings. It’s always a challenge drawing from life instead of a photo but this method brings energy and originality to the art we create.

Year 7 Parachute Challenge

As part of the forces and motion section of the year 7 course we were investigating how the size and shape of a parachute determined how quickly it falls. Various shapes were tested but the equilateral triangle performed the best. Three cords performed better than four. Threading the cords onto the parachutes was a fairly tricky task!

Songkran Day 2022

Today the children and staff of Bloomsbury celebrated the more important holiday in the school year; Songkran. Songkran is the start of the new Thai year and is a chance to celebrate new beginnings. The children took part in a ceremony with a visiting monk to bless all the teachers but pouring water on their hands. The children also took part in a competition to build traditional and modern style sand pagodas. The sun shone on this joyous and auspicious day at Bloomsbury, and everyone had a wonderful day!

World Book Day 2022

The children and staff of Bloomsbury finally got to celebrate the joy of books and reading by celebrating world book day. All the children dressed up as their favourite characters inspired by their most loved books and took part in a parade in the morning sunlight. A wonderful morning at Bloomsbury that was well worth the wait.

International Day 2022

Today at Bloomsbury, all the staff and students celebrated International Day. Being an International School, today was an especially important opportunity to come together in our school community and celebrate the diverse and multicultural fellowship of our school.

The students, in their form groups, were tasked with choosing a country and learning about its history, traditions, culture, food and more, after which they created informative door and wall displays about their chosen country.

The highlight of the day was the International Day costume parade, in which students and staff were invited to dress up in costumes inspired by the country of their choosing. It was a colourful display that represented a wide range of different countries and their cultures.

It was a special day with a true international flavour and, of course, a lot of great learning!

Bloomsbury hosted Dr. Chusin Worradech

On February 2, 2022, Bloomsbury was honoured to host a group of distinguished visitors. They chose to visit Bloomsbury because we have a superb reputation for Covid19 safety. We are well known for being the first school to be granted permission to open south of Phuket.

Regional Education Officer No. 6, Dr. Chusin Worradech with his regional team which consisted of:
Mr. Sompong Palachai, Satun Provincial Education Officer
Mr. Watcharapong Laongrat, Professional Level Supervisor
Ms. Pittaporn Nigob, Professional Level Supervisor
Asst. Prof. Dr. Pakorn Limyothin, Dean of Faculty of Political Science Hatyai University
Asst. Prof. Dr. Poonyanuch Ruthirako, Assistant to the Dean Faculty of Science and Technology Hatyai University

Our school has well established risk assessments and guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19. We shared our expertise with the visiting dignitaries. They were very impressed with all we have put in place for our pupils’ safety. They also commented upon how amazing the lessons were that they popped into.

Congratulations Bloomsbury Students!

A warm congratulations to Bloomsbury students who excelled in sports and academics!

MISS PIMPISA ‘Pei-eng’ LEEKUL (7 Years old) who won GOLD in the piano category at Thailand International Virtual Music Competition

MASTER TAVID ‘Owen’ SAETAN (13 years old) who won GOLD in piano solo competition under 15 years old category, Yamaha Thailand Music Festival 2021 Bangkok, Thailand

MISS INDHIRA ‘Olivia’ SAETAN (11 years old) who won GOLD in piano solo competition under 12 years old category at Yamaha Thailand Music Festival 2021, Bangkok, Thailand

MR TYLER RYAN STRUBELT - Admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration Programme in Tourism Management at Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai, Thailand

MISS KANSINEE ‘Poy’ RATCHANEEYA - Admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration Programme in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Stamford International University Bangkok, Thailand

We Are Accredited!

It is our honour to inform you that Bloomsbury International School Hatyai has been awarded the Council of International Schools accreditation (CIS).

This is a prestigious award from the highest accrediting body in the world.

We are one of only three schools south of Bangkok that have managed to meet these very high standards. The other two are United World College Phuket and the British School Phuket. We are now in the same group as the most prestigious schools in Thailand. This accreditation recognises that Bloomsbury offers the very highest education in not only Thailand but the world. I am sure you are as proud of the award as we are.