Many of our students aspire to be engineers of one kind or another. All of them will need to be problem solvers and team workers. That's why we are so keen to make STEAM important in our school. STEAM brings together Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths and today is STEAM Day at Bloomsbury. Students were challenged to make three different timers using water and the equipment we provided. It was fascinating to see them wrestle with this problem. They had to propose solutions and sketch plans, they had to communicate and persuade each other. They had to try things, learn from their mistakes, and make improvements. Finally, they had to calibrate their designs.

Teachers were there to guide and advise, to offer hints when required but NOT to provide the answers. How did they get on? Here are some photos from the day and from the students involved. These included some young people from American Prep who joined us for the day. We are delighted to share our good practice with our neighbours.

CCA with parents

We are delighted that some parents are now leading CCA in cooking on Wednesdays, and we are also pleased with how positively students have responded to this new opportunity. Our parents are sharing not only their expertise in Thai cooking but also the business management aspect. We look forward to more Thai cuisine on Wednesdays.

Meet the Teachers

Thank you to everyone who made yesterday's Meet the Teacher event so enjoyable and successful. It is vital that teachers, students and parents work closely together for the children to reach their full potential.

E-Safety Week

As our students grow older, they are faced with bigger challenges and wider choices. For E-Safety Week we are exploring how to stay SMART when surfing the digital waves of the internet.

Bloomsbury is dedicated to educating children about the dangers associated with the internet and assisting them to realize that technology is can be a helpful tool but a risky master.

All Aboard for S.Y. 2023-2024

All aboard!

Off we go on the Bloomsbury bus for the next stage of our learning journeys. It has been great to so much excitement and so many smiles as we look forward to another safe, happy and successful year together!

Summer Camp 2023

To start our summer camp fun, students constructed mini-catapults and competed to see which team could launch buttons the farthest!

International Day 2023

Nations of the world gathered at Bloomsbury International School Hatyai as we celebrated International Day on the 16th of June 2023. This special event is coordinated each year to bring the school community together for a day of sharing traditional dress, traditions, and languages, not to mention the sampling of delicious food from different countries.

We thank everyone involved and the parents for sharing delicious treats with everyone.

Young Global Citizen's Conference

We were proud to welcome students and staff from five local schools to our Young Global Citizen’s Conference.

Students from Years 5-7 prepared presentations and gave speeches for and against the construction of a new coal mine in “Lakeland”. They learned about the costs and benefits of coal mining and considered alternatives. They worked very well together in teams and gave some excellent presentations.

Saengthong Vitthaya School came out as the winner. Congratulations to them and thanks to everyone involved.