• AKSORNPRASERT SETTAPRASERT (B.Ed., M.Ed.) - School Manager, Data Protection Specialist (DPS)

    Mr. Aksornprasert Settaprasert

    • Graduate Diploma of TESOL, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia (1994)
    • Master of Education in Secondary Education (Teaching of English), Srinakarinwirot University, Bangkok (1984)
    • Bachelor of Education in English, The College of Education, Songkhla (1973)

  • JARINYA 'Puy' PHOONSONG (B.A.) - Human Resources Officer

    JARINYA 'Puy' PHOONSONG (B.A.) - Human Resources Officer

    My name is Puy. I graduated in Bachelor of Arts (Hospitality) from Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya Songkhla in 2008. My career began in the hotelier business in Krabi and from there I moved to TOT Public Company Limited. At Bloomsbury my main responsibility is to work closely with individuals while assisting them with their Visa applications and ensure Work Permits are requested and issued in a timely manner.

  • EDWIN DELA CRUZ (BSECE., DipTEd) -  DPO, IT Services, Primary IT teacher, Houseparent

    EDWIN DELA CRUZ (BSECE., DipTEd) - DPO, IT Services, Primary IT teacher, Houseparent

    My name is Edwin Dela Cruz and I joined Bloomsbury in 2014. I was born and raised in the Philippines and was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Saint Louis University then became an IT engineer for many years working for two IT companies. I was then offered a job in Thailand where I found my passion for teaching. This led me to complete my Diploma in Teaching Education, and start a new career. I discovered that teaching isn't just about presenting information to students, it is encouraging them to learn for themselves, to be inquisitive, independent, creative, and resourceful so that they can excel in the real world. I like asking questions and I’m hoping to bring an enquiring mind to my classes. One of my favourite quotes on education is a quote from Einstein: “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

  • SUJICHON 'PP' SETTAPRASERT (B.A., M.A.) - Personal Assistant to the Principal

    SUJICHON 'PP' SETTAPRASERT (B.A., M.A.) - Personal Assistant to the Principal

    My name is Sujichon Settaprasert, also known as PP. I graduated from Dusit Thani College, Bangkok with a Master's Degree (MBA) majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management. I am now working as a receptionist and marketing officer at Bloomsbury International School Hatyai. My key responsibilities include school marketing plans and strategies, guest and public relations, and networking strategies. However, I have to be ready to assist in doing other kinds of office work since we have a limited number of staff. I enjoy learning new things because I think it is a way to improve myself to have multi-skills in work. I also love to hang out and socialise with friends. I worked in different hotels before joining Bloomsbury. Over the past 10 years of experience in the hotel business in Phuket, I really loved and enjoyed working with friends and meeting people. I am pleased to have an opportunity to join the team at Bloomsbury.

  • JANE ARAYATA (B.A., M.A) - Marketing/Health and Safety/Houseparent

    JANE ARAYATA (B.A., M.A) - Marketing/Health and Safety/Houseparent

    I am Jane from the Philippines. I’m a graduate of a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education majoring in General Science and holding a Diploma in Psychology, and a Master's in Educational Administration. I started working at Bloomsbury in 2014 as part of the administration team and as a house parent. I departed in 2019 and am finally back in 2023 in a marketing and social media support role, in which my main responsibilities are to maintain the school's social media accounts and organise promotional materials in and around the city to raise the profile of BISH and, to coordinate and publish the Principal’s Newsletter each week. I also have a wide range of responsibilities as a house parent, including providing supervision and guidance to children to help them develop socially and emotionally.

  • PHATCHARAPORN 'Da' SENKAEW (B.A.) -  Accounting Manager

    PHATCHARAPORN 'Da' SENKAEW (B.A.) - Accounting Manager

    My name is Phatcharaporn Senkaew and my nickname is Da. I graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy at Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya, Songkhla. I am a licensed accountant. I previously worked as an Account Manager at Twinpalms Management Services Company Limited. I received a training certificate in Coaching Techniques from the Department of Skill Development and CPCA: Certified Pre Coop. Accountant Program (Coop-Excam) by Cooperative Auditing Department. I am now working as an accounting manager at Bloomsbury International School Hatyai. I have had the pleasure of working in a position in the accounting field where I can use excellent analytical and technical skills to improve the profits of a company.

  • SOPA 'Sao' CHOOSRI (B.A.) - Accounting Officer

    SOPA 'Sao' CHOOSRI (B.A.) - Accounting Officer

    Hello, my name is Sopa Choosri, or Sao. I graduated from Songkhla Rajabhat University, Faculty of Management Sciences Human Resource Management. Currently, I'm working as an accounting officer, taking care of all accounting work, including supporting other related departments.

  • LADDA 'Da' RUKNUI (B.A.) - Finance Officer

    LADDA 'Da' RUKNUI (B.A.) - Finance Officer

    Hello, my name is Ms. Ladda Ruknui, you can call me Da. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree of Arts in Public Administration from Ramkhamhaeng University (Bangkok). The year before I came to work here, I used to work in a car rental company in a government agency. Currently, I'm working as a finance officer and supporting other related departments.

  • JANJIRA 'Lexie' WONGKOTSILA (B.A.) - Purchasing Officer

    JANJIRA 'Lexie' WONGKOTSILA (B.A.) - Purchasing Officer

    Hello, my name is Janjira Wongkotsila or Lexie. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Prince of Songkhla University. My working experience was involved in Costing Management for 2 years. I am currently working for Bloomsbury as Purchasing officer. I would like to contribute to and improve the accounting and purchasing system of Bloomsbury with the knowledge and experience that I have. In this new experience, I also enjoy learning new skills and am committed to any assigned duties. And of course, I'm very happy to be part of Bloomsbury’s family. The people and environment in this school are very lovely!

  • NUTCHADA 'Pang' JANARPON (B.A.) - Admissions Officer

    NUTCHADA 'Pang' JANARPON (B.A.) - Admissions Officer

    My name is Nutchuda Janarpon and my nickname is Pang. I graduated from Rangsit University in Hotel and Restaurant Management in 2013. I have experience in IT support and as a secretary. I am now working as an Administrative staff member and Houseparent at Bloomsbury International School Hatyai. As a Houseparent, I elicit good behaviour of the boarders and ensure that hygiene standards are maintained. My hobbies are reading, travelling and searching for new technology items.

  • PORAMIN 'Pond' CHUCHUAI (B.A.) - Admissions Staff

    PORAMIN 'Pond' CHUCHUAI (B.A.) - Admissions Staff

    Hello, my name is Poramin Chuchuai and you can call me Pond which is my nickname. I graduated from Thaksin University, Songkhla with a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Social Sciences, majoring in English. Although this is my first time working in the educational industry, and also the first job of my life, I promise that I’ll do my best to be an Admissions Officer at Bloomsbury International School Hatyai.

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