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Bloomsbury International School Hatyai offers the best of international schooling. The school is proud of its multicultural composition – the territories from which its students are drawn include Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, PR China, Myanmar, Singapore, Germany, Brazil and the West Indies. Bloomsbury students thus enjoy the opportunity to learn about other cultures from each other as well as from their teachers, and the bonds they thus form represent a significant part of their socialisation.

The school’s atmosphere is inclusive, caring and welcoming – all students and parents are regarded as important individuals and stakeholders in the school community, no matter what their various ages, backgrounds, origins and provenances may be.

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Marble Madness Fun!

The Nursery and Reception children loved exploring the Marble Run this week. They have been developing their: team work skills, memory, self esteem and focus.

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Children's Day 2019 at Bloomsbury

Children's Day celebrates everything magical about childhood and here at Bloomsbury we certainly celebrated. With help from professional chefs, caterers and...

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Year 11 students are learning about acids, bases and salts

Year 11 students have been learning about acids, bases and salts. They did a titration to figure out how much hydrochloric acid was needed to completely react with...

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On 7th January 2019 Bloomsbury’s Principal, Mr Andrew Elliott, received the school’s new Oxford International AQA centreship certificate following various...

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Bloomsbury International School Hatyai would hereby like to express its warm congratulations to Mr. Pipichaya Sridam (currently in Year 7), who has received the following awards in Mathematics in 2018:

  • GOLD Medal from BIMC - Bulgaria International Mathematics Competition
  • GOLD Medal from WMO - World Mathematical Olympiad
  • GOLD Medal from AMO - American Mathematics Olympiad
Bloomsbury International School Hatyai takes great pride in supporting all our students to enable them to realise their full potential to the maximum degree in all the subjects they follow.

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My daughter has studied at this school for almost 2 years and her progress, both academically and in terms of character development, has been remarkable. Cannot praise the team responsible enough.- Mr John Leonard Luck