To create an inclusive community that together nurtures and inspires students towards individual growth, excellence and lifelong learning.


We at Bloomsbury believe that every child can and should achieve to the best of their ability. We believe in an inspiring curriculum based upon the latest educational research; delivered by a truly professional team of expert staff in all departments. We believe that pupils should not only achieve excellent results but develop into well-rounded, happy, thoughtful leaders of tomorrow. We are proud of our mix of cultures as it makes us stronger, more globally minded and culturally aware.



In this school, we value the child as an individual, as part of the school community and as a global citizen, This is a place where we foster ambitious, thoughtful, open-minded students. We do this through our RITE of passage: Respect, Internationalism, Teamwork, Excellence.


  • We respect and value our local culture in Hatyai and our international diversity
  • We care for our environment and are responsible for our actions
  • We respect our teachers both at home and in school, our peers and especially ourselves
  • We lead respectfully, follow dutifully and individually we are resilient


  • We support and encourage each other, always
  • We enjoy each other’s company and seek fun in all we do
  • We value empathy and encourage social responsibility
  • We enjoy and celebrate other’s achievements


  • We are open-minded global citizens
  • We are inclusive in our words, thoughts and deeds
  • We celebrate, through clear understanding, traditions and customs
  • We value our diversity as it inspires creativity and new ideas


  • We achieve our goals with support and considered coaching
  • We display a willingness to learn and a determination to never quit
  • We strive for success, for the intrinsic joy of achievement
  • We are disciplined, hardworking and incredibly forgiving of mistakes

Bloomsbury International School Hatyai is fully committed to the principles and values enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and seeks to ensure that these are duly respected, imparted and promoted in all aspects of the school’s operation. Posters reproducing the text of this invaluable document in child-friendly language are accordingly displayed in classrooms and other venues throughout the school.

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child