The only CIS accredited school in Thailand south of Phuket



Safeguarding and child protection are every parent’s first concern, and Bloomsbury takes its responsibilities very seriously. We use systems drawn from the UK, which is a leading country in this area. We have a qualified Designated Safeguarding Lead and all staff receive annual training in child protection. Our teachers are all fully qualified and we undertake rigorous background checks. We have a fully qualified nurse on site and an excellent partnership with a local private hospital. The site is secure with a team of guards always on duty. Fire and lockdown drills are carried out regularly.


Bloomsbury students love their school. We are intentionally small so we can be intentionally caring. All students are known by name and treated as individuals. Behaviour is absolutely excellent and relationships between the children, and between the staff and students are outstanding. On this site, you will hear students talking about their school. They mention great teachers, the co-curricular activities they take part in three days per week, the trips they go on, and, not least, the good food.


Bloomsbury follows the English National Curriculum in primary school and its international cousin, the Cambridge Curriculum in secondary, leading to the British qualifications, IGCSE, and A Level. There are no more widely respected qualifications in the world. And Bloomsbury students excel, with A* and A being our modal grades. We care about the progress made by every student. We assess their starting points using independent tests and track their progress carefully toward challenging but achievable targets.



At Bloomsbury, we use the English Early Years Foundation Stage Framework for children aged 2-5. Our carefully planned and playful approach leads the children to love learning and gets them ready for Year 1. When they are ready, our phonics programme ensures children make great progress at the start of their journey in reading.


The English National Curriculum ensures a thorough, challenging programme for our children aged 5-11. English, Maths, Science and Topic are taught by the Class Teacher who knows every child very well. From the appropriate age, specialist teachers enable students to excel in Thai, Art, Chinese, Computing, Music and PE. Respect, Internationalism, Teamwork and Excellence, our RITE of Passage, are themes that run through the Bloomsbury curriculum.


At age 11, students begin their Secondary education. We are a Cambridge International School in Secondary. The Year 7-9 programme gives all of the young people a broad and balanced curriculum. At age 14, they continue with a core programme of English, Maths, a Science and, for Thai nationals, Thai and choose up to six additional subjects from a wide range. This well-established and successful programme enables all of our students to reach their full potential and prepares them for their A Level studies. In 2023, over half of IGCSE grades were at A or A*.


Advanced Level (A Level) is the stage that prepares Bloomsbury students for university entrance. A Levels are universally respected as the deepest and most challenging qualifications available at age 18. Good grades secure entrance to top universities all over the world. Teachers and academic managers at Bloomsbury liaise closely with students, parents and guardians to advise over AS/A Level subject choices, to monitor progress and to provide counselling. Students normally take three or four subjects in Year 12 and three in Year 13. We had a 100% pass rate at A Level in 2023, with over half of grades at A or A*.


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