Bloomsbury Bobkittens

Mar 7, 2024

Today the Bloomsbury Bobkittens shared a book week assembly with parents and celebrated their successes. Pre-Nursery and Nursery told us about “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and what he likes to eat. They sang the days of the week song they have learnt. Reception retold “The Little Red Hen”. What a great job they did, remembering so much of a story they have only just begun to learn. Congratulations to the Star Students: Ozone, Michelle, Wawa, Benz and Keane.

Celebration assemblies are a valuable opportunity for children to speak in front of an audience to develop their essential skills.

Parents were invited to Playtime with the Bloomsbury Bobkittens. They joined in some fun activities with the children and chatted with the teachers. The children love to share their learning with their parents. It also provides an informal opportunity for parents to get feedback on how their bobkitten is blooming at Bloomsbury!