I spent the first years of my career in Good and Outstanding UK schools, before making the jump into the international sector. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to work with institutions in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. I am now very excited to be joining the team at Bloomsbury and look forward to contributing to the school in every way I can. I am passionate about holistic education. As a school, our main aim should be to help everyone to explore and develop their abilities in as broad a range of avenues as possible so they can find their gifts and passions. After all, a person’s development in both childhood and adulthood is defined by far more than just their academic knowledge and skills. As well as being a teacher and educational leader, I am also a father, musician, fitness, and yoga enthusiast, motorcyclist, surfer, rugby fan, cook, avid reader of science fiction, environmentalist,etc. We need to support all aspects of individual and social development in the young people under our care and I believe Bloomsbury fully embraces that in the same way that I do.