As a committed and experienced teacher, I have had a diverse upbringing and have acquired extensive travel and teaching experiences. Starting my journey in London, I spent four years as a teaching assistant before pursuing a career as a teacher. I then spent three years teaching full-time in a London school. Following this, I had an international teaching stint in China for three years, living in Guangzhou and Shanghai, where I taught across Year 1, Year 4 and Year 6. After returning home, I continued my journey as a supply-teacher in London. This past year, I have been teaching in Year 6 and have had the pleasure of preparing our cohort for their SATs and have witnessed their exceptional results across our core subjects, outperforming the national average. My passion is to develop knowledge, understanding as well as valuable skills and instil a desire for our children to make the most of the opportunities the future has in store. Outside of teaching, I am an amateur photographer who specialises in shooting land and cityscapes, macro, and portraiture. I also have a keen interest in 3D-modelling, mainly cars, reading (mainly science fiction), and exercising at the gym. I cherish sharing my passions with our children, with the ultimate goal of building their passions and helping them thrive in a fast-paced world.