Awards Ceremony, EYFS & KS1

Jun 27, 2024

On Thursday, 27 June, our youngest students showed us exactly why they are ready for the next year group and another year of learning. They presented us with songs and their best memories of the year. Our Reception Bobkittens made us so proud in their gowns, graduating from Bobkittens to Bobcats. I know they will continue to shine as the move into Primary School. Our year 2s also had an important milestone to celebrate, moving from key stage 1 to key stage 2. We are so proud of all of our students and teachers for the hard work they have done this year, and grateful for the incredible support from our parents. The Bloomsbury family is definitely a special family to be part of.

We hope everyone has a wonderful break, and I look forward to another exciting year of adventures and learning.