Welcome to House Emerald, where like the bonds of the precious stone itself, we are strong, resilient and unified. We embody the core values that established Bloomsbury as a leading international school in Southern Thailand and endeavour to connect as well as build with our community through developing strong bonds, being supportive and good natured.

Emerald House Team
House Emerald

Like true emeralds, we offer the clarity of heart and show immense empathy to those whom require support. We are not perfect, but true beauty has flaws and it’s how we overcome our flaws to do our best which is what defines us.

In Emerald, we believe that everyone has something special within them, a true gift that we are each born with. It might be a passion, something that gives joy or even something that pushes us to be our best. Whatever that gift is, it is our duty to nurture and cultivate it and share it with the world.

As House Emerald, we understand that a key part of being a part of Bloomsbury is fulfilment and being happy, and in order to do that, we have to follow what is right as well as do what we love. It is often easy to lose our way in this world, but we know the key to building our future is to be able to reflect and reassess the things that help us achieve our targets and to align ourselves with our purpose everyday.

At the end of the day, happiness is not about perfection, emeralds like all precious stones, are not perfect. However, we must embrace our imperfections, as those are the things that make us unique and special. We must also celebrate our achievements, however small they are, and this is what embodies us in House Emerald, the celebration of those doing the best they can and being grateful for the things we have. Afterall, the journey to a fulfilling life begins with finding your true purpose, nurturing positive relationships and enjoying who and what we have in life.

Emerald will support, understand and celebrate those within its precious fold and partner with our fellow gems to achieve worthwhile goals that will impact our wider community.

Ray Toney
Head of House Emerald