Welcome to House Sapphire : Fostering excellence through happiness, trust, kindness, integrity, teamwork and encouragement.

At House Sapphire we believe in providing a nurturing community that promotes growth to facilitate future leaders who embody our core values of teamwork, kindness, integrity and internationalism. Our school house is a place where students come together to support each other to help us thrive as an international community, encouraging personal empowerment and worldwide consciousness.

Our Mission

House Sapphire is committed to providing a nurturing community where students are inspired to achieve their full potential academically, lead with integrity, follow the path that fulfills them individually and brings happiness whilst remembering to treat others with great kindness and respect along the way. We aim for our students to be well – rounded model global citizens.

Sapphire House Team
House Sapphire

Our Core Values


At House Sapphire we place a great importance on working collaboratively, having effective communication, cooperation, and coordination among our team members to achieve our common goals.


In order to lead with integrity we believe in having an excellent moral compass. We enable this by being honest, and treating others with kindness and respect.


This is the center of providing motivation for our house, to boost confidence, morale, encouraging positive constructive feedback to others helping us pursue our goals in all areas of their development to help become their best selves and achieve their full potential.


Trust is a fundamental element in any relationship; we continue to build trust in our community so we can rely on each other to help us through our individual journeys through kindness and respect.


The ultimate goal for all our pupils is to be happy and successful. We at House Sapphire aim to provide personal fulfillment as well as many positive experiences and relationships to facilitate happiness within all our students.

Ms. Priya Patel
Head of House Sapphire