Pi Day

Mar 14, 2024

On Pi Day, we engaged in activities centred around data visualization and the representation of the mathematical constant π. We explored Pi through different media, showcasing its beauty and significance in various forms.

In art, students expressed Pi through visual representations, through intricate designs, patterns, and even landscapes that incorporated the digits of Pi.

In music, we explored the rhythmic patterns of Pi, translating its numerical sequence into musical notes or rhythms, creating compositions that captured the essence of this irrational number.

Digitally, we delved into the realm of technology, using coding and digital tools to visualize Pi in interactive ways, such as animations, simulations, or interactive graphs.

Through language, we explored representing the numbers of Pi in narrative.

Overall, Pi Day provided an opportunity for creative expression and interdisciplinary exploration, allowing students to appreciate the beauty and complexity of mathematics through diverse means of representation.